No value without professionalism


We live our values of integrity, excellence, teamwork and accountability through our work, our commitment and activities that foster personal and professional growth within the company. 

We believe that our word is our bond and must be upheld, and we think that a consultant should not give possible solutions, but rather the best ones. We believe that professionalism and competence are the least we can offer, whilst we consider our passion and love for our work to be an added value we provide to our clients. We believe it is our duty to create with our Client a long-term working relationship and we think that a service can be sold only if it meets a real need or offers a material opportunity. And most of all, we believe it is more important to be judged on what we do rather than be chosen for what we say. 

Our highest ambition is to work with people who understand and share our values.

Resources, auditing and fast intervention so that all the gears always work to perfection.

The Finance Department is our sort of control room, from where we monitor all of the Company’s financial needs and management requirements and endeavour to meet them. We provide our various funds with the necessary resources, designing the most appropriate mix between equity and borrowing, by overseeing relationships with lenders. We are in charge of general accounting, of fund reporting and of preparing the SGR’s financial statements, in addition to liaising with Regulatory Authorities. Finally, we participate in planning and controlling corporate governance. 

The structure of this department is deliberately lean and flexible. Thanks in part to outsourcers, we are thus in a position to rapidly meet each and every new need and keep up with our excellent standards of service.

Vision and mission

  • Structuring, establishing, promoting and managing an integrated portfolio of real estate mutual investment funds;
  • Identifying the best yield opportunities on the market for our products;
  • Consolidating a management philosophy based on 2 pillars: transparency and independence of investment choices; sharing the investors’ objectives.

Distinctive features

Our competences, the set of our skills and knowledge, our people and their know-how, are the absolute values of Polis Fondi SGR that allow us to achieve long-lasting competitive advantages over time. We want to stand out for our strongly dynamic and strategic approach towards clients and towards the market we represent.

Institutional framework

Institutional shareholders and management with a proven industry track record

Risk management

Internal risk management division for an ongoing auditing of operations and to ensure investment strategies driven by containing leverage and minimising risk

Transparent compliance oversight

Auditing organisation and system supplemented by the specialised skills of outside consultants

Transparent performance

Transparent representation of performance and achievements through indicators that suitably measure our funds’ profitability

Independent management

Management philosophy grounded in transparency and independence, aimed at protecting shareholders and ensuring the best performance


Including in our Board individuals with high name recognition throughout the banking/financial system