Green Energy


Real estate funds comprising plants that generated renewable energy, including photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and bio-fuel plants.

Star I Fund

The Star I Fund is an alternative closed-end real estate investment fund reserved for professional and non-professional investors. The product began trading operations on 6 August 2012. 

Fund Objective:

investment in real estate, land and rights in rem on real estate or land, without particular restrictions regarding their intended use, located mainly in Italy, with a view to carry out the construction, management and subsequent decommissioning photovoltaic parks and/or plants, as well as other infrastructures in the renewable and sustainable energy sector;

real estate investments may be made for development and/or trading purposes, or with a view to gaining income from the property holdings.

The purpose of the Fund is to invest and manage the assets acquired, in order to achieve a medium to long-term revaluation of the value of the assets being invested and to maximize the divisible balance, namely the end net result to be distributed among the shareholders. To date, the Fund has invested in three Italian-based photovoltaic plants.

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