Polis Fund


Products whose units may be subscribed by a general audience of savers and investors. The benefit of this product lies in allowing direct investments in real properties and rights in rem, thus allowing individual investors to access investments in more profitable sectors that are generally not available to small investors.

Polis Fund (in liquidation)

The Polis Fund was the first Polis Fondi SGR product to be launched and presented to the market. The placement of the Fund's shares took place between February 14 and May 20, 2000 and was established on June 18, 2000.

The trading of the shares began on April 19, 2001, in the MTF segment of the Electronic Stock Market (MTA) on the Milan Stock Exchange.

The Polis Fund is a form of investment intended for retail customers and qualified investors, and is typically aimed at:

- private individuals, companies and institutional investors

- investors with low risk tolerance

- savers with medium-long term performance expectations

- investors seeking to diversify their portfolio accordingly by focusing on the real estate market

Today, shareholding in the Fund is made possible by purchasing the shares on the market of Borsa Italiana S.p.A. - MTF segment. The purchase/sale order of the shares may be issued through one's own trusted bank or credit institution.