Polis Fund

Trieste - Via Pascoli , 9


The building complex borders entirely with Via Pascoli, Via Manzoni and Androna della Ferreria; the main front of the building is in common with other buildings that make up the block of flats.

The entire complex and in particular the block to which the property belongs is essentially made up of residential properties with neighboring commercial establishments on the ground floor.

The urban location of the building guarantees accessibility from the main thoroughfares, and is served by the main public road transport services with a city bus stop in the immediate vicinity, which leads to the railway station in a few minutes.


The property in question is located in a central area of the city of Trieste, in the Rione San Giacomo neighborhood, a mainly residential area. The building consists of two adjacent buildings communicating with each other - the first consists of seven floors above ground and a basement and the second of a single floor above ground.

The basement houses the equipment rooms, garage and storage areas; the remaining floors house offices, small warehouses, archives and technological centers. The sixth floor features two large-sized terraces, one overlooking Via G. Pascoli, while the other overlooks Via A. Manzoni.

The building complex is served by two staircases, five elevators and a freight elevator.

The main pedestrian entrance of the building is located in via G. Pascoli while the basement is accessed by two ramps: one on via A. Manzoni and the other on via della Raffineria.

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