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Roma - Via Raffaele Costi, 58/60


The building object of study is located east of the Municipality of Rome, in Via Costi, 58/60, 'Tor Sapienza area', within the GRA (Rome's ring road), which it joins up with via Via di Tor Cervara and Via Tiburtina (approximately 1 Km). In the area there is also the Portonaccio junction, which connects to the Rome - L'Aquila motorway system (A24). The area is served by the 'Tor Sapienza' railway station (FM2) about 300 meters away and by surface transport along the nearby streets around Tor Sapienza Collatina.As a whole the area is not affected  by a lack of public parking spaces; in any case the building features an underground garage and an outdoor parking area, within the area of responsibility of the complex. The surrounding urban context, resulting from a recently developed urbanization (in the last decade) consists of industrial - logistic portions, public service complexes and green areas. This urban area belongs to Rome's 'District VII' and is registered in the new General Town Plan of Rome as 'Area mainly for urban-type activities to be developed according to the Regulations. In particular, among the planned initiatives, here are the ones that may bear more significantly upon future development projects: 

  • Widening the A24 motorway with a third lane at the Portonaccio junction level and constructing a motorway exit on the Portonaccio - A24 junction, which leads straight to Via Longoni (and therefore Via Costi); 
  • The renovation of the Metroferro FM2 urban line, which includes the stations: Togliatti - Tor Sapienza (Via Costi) - La Rustica center; 
  • The priority-earmarked relaunch of the central role of "Tor Sapienza" univerity, where a railway station overhaul is planned, the creation of green areas and public spaces and the strengthening of commercial activities.


Sold on 15 July 2016

The complex, built in the early 90s, consists of three buildings arranged in such a way as to form an 'H' shaped plan. It rises up to 3 floors (for office use), a walkable terrace, upon which the technical installations are located, and a basement with the garage and the warehouses / archives.  

The building is characterized by a glass and concrete facade, which provides the complex with an above-average high quality look and feel. 

The internal surface of each floor is partly organized as an open plan and partly as single offices, divided by equipped mobile walls. This demonstrates the flexibility of the floor plan in the planning of work spaces, easily adapting to the tenant's needs.  

The interior finishes are excellent and, within the complex, the building is compliant with the regulations. In fact, thanks to its recent construction, the complex is equipped with all the necessary systems (air conditioning, heating, primary air, electronic networks, electric and telephone networks) which are arranged underneath the floating flooring and in the false ceilings of the building.

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