Polis Fund

Milano - Via Romagnoli, 6


The building complex is located in Via Romagnoli 6, in the South-West sector of the Municipality of Milan, in the so-called "Lorenteggio area", near the Naviglio Grande and the Milan - Mortara railway line, which starts at the Porta Genova station. The proximity to the ring road and to major inner city routes, such as via Lorenteggio and via Giambellino, makes the property easily accessible. 

The location is, in fact, benefited by the road system, as it is easy to reach and the speed of connection with the main roads ensures it is easy to reach even for those coming from outside Milan.

Furthermore, the proximity to the motorway ring road guarantees speedy connections by car with the main highways of Northern Italy.


The building complex for office use, built in 1965, is located in the south-west sector of the municipal area of Milan and rises nine floors above ground, while it consists of two floors below ground. 

 The structure has a regular shape with a rectangular layout and symmetrical with respect to the main axes for a total gross area of about 14,000 square meters. The rectangular layout features the following structure: 

 -  a central body in which there are three staircases, of which one is the main stairway and two are service stairways, the toilets and elevator shafts are seven in total (one freight elevator and six elevators arranged three on each side on the sides of the main staircase) and some service rooms; 

 -  two symmetrical bodies situated at the sides of the central body and which are mainly used as office spaces.

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