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Gorgonzola (MI) - Strada Statale 11 ang. Strada Provinciale 13


The property is located near the intersection of the SP 13 (Melegnano - Monza) and the SS 11 (Milan - Bergamo) road axis.

The center in question is about 11 km from the eastern ring road of Milan and about 22 km from the city center. The complex is located in an easily accessible area that is immediately visible both for those traveling along the SP 13 and for those traveling along the SS 11 routes.

The area is easily reachable by vehicular traffic both from Milan center (SS 11) and from the rest of the region through the system of ring roads that are about 11 km away from the site. The airport connecting network is also good: Linate is immediately accessible (SS11 + tangenziale est), Malpensa (in a more secluded position) can be reached by continuing along the SP 13 that connects Gorgonzola to Busto Arsizio and Gallarate, or by taking the A4 (To - Ve) at Agrate Brianza, about 8 km away, and continuing in the direction of Turin joining the MI - VA motorway.


Sold on 19 May 2016

The building complex is made up of three rectangular blocks of similar size placed side by side along the longest side. The two outer structures are slightly offset with respect to the central body, in this way a sort of courtyard is created; an office building is erected inside this courtyard.

The warehouse areas (44,285 sqm) are located on a floor above ground, while the office area (3484.55 sqm) rises up to three floors above ground.

The effective height is over 12.5 m below the beam.

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Data as at 31 December 2012