Real estate funds comprising assets leased to private healthcare facilities, hospital facilities, assisted living facilities (RSA).

Poliscare Fund

The Poliscare Fund is an alternative closed-end real estate investment fund reserved for professional and non-professional investors. The product began trading operations on 18 April 2017.

The Fund invests no less than two-thirds of its total value in real estate and/or rights in rem, as well as in real estate companies. Furthermore, the Fund's assets may be invested, to a residual extent and anyway not exceeding one third of the total value of the Fund, in financial instruments and other assets.

The Fund's assets may be invested, directly or indirectly, in real estate rights and rights in rem on immovable property whose intended use is healthcare (including research and training in the healthcare sector). These investments are mainly located in Italy and made with a view to gaining income from the property holdings.

The Fund's assets may be invested, on a residual basis, in real estate initiatives related to health-care facilities aimed at the construction, renovation, extension and transformation of buildings with a view to increasing long-term returns and incomes on an ongoing basis.

At present, the portfolio assets are fully leased to private clinics and research centers.

Portfolio assets are currently located in central and southern Italy.

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