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Sesto Fiorentino (Fi) - Loc. Osmannoro - Hotel "Novotel Firenze Nord Aeroporto"


The hotel, located in the Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, enjoys significant benefits due to its immediate proximity to the Firenze Nord exit of the A1 motorway and Florence West to the A11 Firenze Mare.  The city airport is about 1.5 km away and S. Maria Novella railway station is about 6 km away. The complex is also adjacent to an area under development.  

The Osmannoro area, between the City of Florence and the Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, represents the most important commercial and industrial center for the Tuscan capital. A few hundred meters from the hotel are the Central Italy Distribution Center for the Esselunga Company, a Metro Hypermarket, the Osmannoro Shopping Center, and the Groma Business District.

In most cases, other tertiary and commercial buildings house operators in the fashion sector, with buildings used as show-room and exhibition areas and wholesale distribution of products. Finally, in the area around Peretola (towards the center of Florence) the construction of a complex that will house Ikea is planned.

At about 3-4 km, in the southern peripheral belt of the Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, a number of areas, currently in the reclamation phase, will host the new university center and the Italian Railways' technological center for the development of High Speed Networks, whose works should end between 2005 and 2006.

From a road and rail transport perspective, the area will also benefit from the development of the Metropolitan Railway Service which, from 2003, will connect the Santa Maria Novella Station with Osmannoro (in correspondence with the A1 motorway) with fast trains, thus easing congestion on the Via Prato where most of the traffic to and from the Historic Center of Florence is currently concentrated.


Sold on 20 June 2010

The hotel structure has an avant-garde architectural look, and its plan projection can be viewed as set within an equilateral triangle.

On the two equivalent sides, rising to nine floors above ground, are the two main bodies with a rectangular shaped plan; these house the common areas destined to restaurant, bar and restroom, and the bedrooms from the first floor to the eighth. 

The two structures appear to be connected to each other by a front body, housing the entrance hall on the ground floor and the administrative-directional offices on the first floor, as well as by a corridor on the upper floors. 

 The third side of the triangle is constituted by a structure rising to one floor above ground in which the meeting rooms and the kitchen room with attached services are located. At the center of the triangle, there is the outdoor pool with its sun terrace. 

The basement consists mainly of parking spaces belonging to the Hotel and warehouses serving the kitchen areas as well as technical rooms. 

On the roof there are only equipment rooms.

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