Polis Fund

Roma - Via del Serafico, 121


The building is located in the eastern part of the EUR district, considered the most commercially suitable district in the City of Rome.

The area is characterized by a good supply of services, especially if viewed from the perspective of a business user.

The area around Via del Serafico dates back to the 1970s, a time when, once the great expansion of the previous decade had been completed, a more qualified and less intensive building process began, involving all the areas still free around the extensive, already consolidated, building projects.


Sold on 27 June 2008

The building, completely renovated in 2001, is destined for commercial use.

It is well located and easily accessible: it can be reached through the network of surface public services and the nearest metro stop is in Via di Vigna Murata (Laurentina), reachable on foot in  about 15 minutes.

The good road connection and the presence of surface parking for the exclusive use of the building complex guarantee good accessibility even with private vehicles.

The building consists of three floors above ground and a basement. The vertical communication links are made possible by three staircases, each equipped with two elevators and a freight elevator.

The basement is intended to house a garage with about 90 parking spaces and additional storage spaces for the entire building and equipment rooms.

The ground floor is on pilotis and hosts the three entrance halls to the structure. The building's renovation project has included a green area in the central part of the floor. The upper floors are mainly intended for offices with internal partitions consisting of movable partition walls in modular modular elements and plasterboard partitions.

The planimetric layout is of the "swept circle" type, with an internal courtyard enabling proper light distribution.

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