Polis Fund

Prato - via Liguria 6


The property is located within the industrial area of Macrolotto 1, about 200 m. from the main artery of the area (via Paronese) and about 4-5 km from the Prato Ovest exit of the A11 motorway (Firenze-Mare). The setting presents other industrial and artisan buildings. The site is easily accessible from the main roads in the vicinity.


Sold on 30 March 2010

The buildings in question are generally located in the city's artisan or industrial areas, close to junctions that allow a comfortable access by road.

The complexes are of industrial type, built in vibrated reinforced concrete prefabs, completed with sections in traditional masonry for office use.

The cold stores are made of sandwich type insulation panels (polystyrene aluminum or the like) which ensure a temperature of about - 30°C. An attached refrigeration unit, consisting of ammonia compressor units, ensures the thermohygrometric conditions necessary for the preservation of the products. The offices and logistics sections are in any case independent.

In each building there are also ancillary rooms dedicated to the personnel employed in the goods handling, as well as air-conditioned unloading docks at intermediate temperature (5 ° C), yards and canopies for parking vehicles.

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