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Milanofiori Nord - Palazzo U4 - U7


The property, located in the municipality of Assago (MI), adjacent to the Milanofiori business district, covers a total area of 360,000 sqm, of which total buildable gross floor area is 218,000 sqm. The project consists of a residential core, a commercial area, office buildings, a complex dedicated to entertainment and a hotel overlooking a plaza dedicated to food court. A large park serves the function of a "connective tissue"  between the buildings and the outlying forest towards Milan.  Specifically, the project consists of buildings in line with a tertiary purpose, arranged along the highway axis, and an organic sequence of free-plan buildings that develop behind the front of the offices to complete, as described, the range of offerings of multifunctional spaces. The area is located south of Milan and is included in the territory bounded to the north (in the municipality of Milan) by Via Schiavoni, to the east by the Naviglio Pavese, to the south by the western ring road (in the municipality of Rozzano) and to the west by the Milan-Genoa motorway (A7 Serravalle). On the south side the "Carrefour" commercial settlement separates the area subject to intervention from the Milanofiori services and business complex. The area is currently served by communication routes of varying importance (city and out of town), allowing public road transport to serve the complex (a bus stop is present in the immediate vicinity). This route takes you to the Famagosta metro station (green line) in a few minutes. Furthermore, the extension of the Milan Underground line 2 is being finalized, with two stations of which the first "Milanofiori Nord" will be directly connected to the square located at the "base" of buildings U4 and U7, while the second "Milanofiori Forum" is positioned near the important event arena of the city of Milan. The new metro line stops will allow you to reach the city center in a few minutes.


Sold on 8 December 2015 (U4) and on 23 December 2016 (U7)

The buildings known as U4 and U7 (from north to south) consist of 9 and 6 floors respectively along with one commercial floor and two parking floors for a total of 12 and 9 levels.

The buildings have a parallelogram plan, with the longer side (ca.75m) arranged along an East-West direction and the shorter side (ca. 16m) extending along the north-south axis. In the case of both buildings the floor level with the plaza (level 2) is intended for commercial activities (about 4.400sqm) and is located at a height of about 6 m from ground level (highway level). At this level the buildings are crossed by pedestrian paths alone (the vehicular routes are on the two lower levels), however a driveway is present to ensure maintenance and emergency operations in case of need. 

The standard floor of the U4 building measures approximately 1100sqm while the standard floor plan of the U7 building covers an area of approximately 2300 sqm for the first three levels and then down to about 1100 sqm for the top levels. Plan 0 is intended for parking lots assigned to the Municipality as urban standards; the upper level (level 1), also intended for parking, is privately owned and exclusive to the offices above. On this floor there are 207 p.a. of exclusive property.

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