Polis Fund

Milano - Via Visconti di Modrone, 11/15


The property in question, consisting of a free-standing building, is located in the center of the municipality of Milan, near Piazza San Babila, an area characterized by a functional, directional, commercial and residential mix, and by important period buildings of architectural renown built in the 1800s or more recently.  

The property is easily accessible as it is located on the first ring of the city ring road system and, although it falls in a highly congested urban context, it enjoys a good supply of public transport services.

In the area there are also private paying car parks.


Sold on 24 June 2004

The building consists of two conjointly constructed structures and with direct access to the Via Visconti di Modrone. The horizontal communication links between the two buildings are ensured by small stair ramps necessary to overcome the gap between the two structures. 

On the main street there are three pedestrian accesses, while there is a driveway on Via Marziale which allows entry to the basement. 

The building rises up to eight floors above ground intended mainly for office use and an underground floor for warehouses, garages and equipment rooms. The vertical communication links consist of two staircases each equipped with two elevators. In one part of the building there is an elevator that connects the ground, first and second floors serving the room used as a data center. 

The layout of the office space is traditional with both movable and fixed brick partitions. All the services and equipment rooms necessary to ensure a regular exercise of the established activities are present. The property has recently been subject to extraordinary maintenance interventions that affected the building in its entirety.  

The level of both internal and external finishes is medium-high with a façade clad in stone on the main front and restored on the occasion of maintenance by water sandblasting.

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