Polis Fund

Milano - Via Montefeltro, 6/A


The building complex is located in Via Montefeltro 6A, close to the A8-A9 "Autostrada dei Laghi" motorways, directly connected to Malpensa airport, with the A4 "Turin - Venice" motorway and the Milan West ring road. The area is therefore accessible by private transport means and served by various surface vehicles. According to the "Milan Node" forecasts of railway reorganization, the redevelopment and upgrading project for the Milan Certosa railway station is planned, which will serve the Turin - Milan High Speed trainline and will be the northern station of the Second Railway Link. The area in which the building is located constitutes the intermediate zone between the historic city and the north-western Milan hinterland, undergoing many transformations and with opportunities for future reorganization and urban redevelopment, also in view of the construction of the new exhibition center at Rho - Pero.


Sold on 28 May 2007

The building in Via Montefeltro consists of two symmetrical buildings of equal surface area, separated by an internal garden, which leads to the underground garage.

The two buildings rise up to four floors above ground for office use, two underground floors for archives and garage and a walkable terrace. Built in 1992, they are completely autonomous and flexible from an engineering perspective and in terms of distribution.  

The complex, which complies with the regulations and is equipped with heating, air conditioning and air treatment systems, is currently in excellent condition and functional in the distribution of work spaces, with a good level of interior finish quality.

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