Polis Fund

Lacchiarella (MI) - "Milano Logistic Center"


The building complex is located in the Villamaggiore area in the Municipality of Lacchiarella (MI) in a central position between the west Milan ring road and the Binasco and Melegnano motorway exits respectively on the A7 MI-GE and A1 MI-BO.  In fact it is about 10 km from the aforementioned ring road and about 8 and 11 km from the two motorway exits.

The connection to the aforementioned motorways is ensured by the S.P. 40 a viable artery of adequate size for heavy vehicle traffic, which can be accessed from the center via a recently constructed road and a roundabout, also recently built, which regulates the flow of vehicles coming from the west ring road along the S.P. 28 (Vigentina). 

Adjacent to the eastern perimeter, the complex is bordered by the Genoa-Milan railway line with the Villamaggiore station in the immediate vicinity of the access point to the center.


Sold on 30 December 2005

The entire complex, intended for logistic use, is spread over an area of approximately 38 hectares and, in relation to its communal parts, is still being finalized with completion of works scheduled for summer 2003.

The facilities and services in the logistics center are divided into warehouses and ancillary areas, mechanical workshop, heavy vehicle park, service center, car park, internal road system, green facilities for a total of 15  units (lots) and communal areas. The logistics warehouses and related areas are on a total of 9 lots, the largest five of which are laid out along the sides of an isosceles right triangle, with the two legs of the triangle, parallel and perpendicular to the MI-GE railway line, being for the America and Asia units, with the hypotenuse being for the Europa, Oceania, and Africa units. 

The Fund has acquired the America, Europe, Oceania units and the heavy vehicle parking lot unit called Park Est positioned in the immediate vicinity of the entrance gate bordering the aforementioned railway line. The areas pertaining to the individual buildings, as well as the common areas for roads and parking, are paved and equipped with the works and installations necessary for optimal circulation of heavy vehicles.

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