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Crevoladossola (VB) - Supermercato GS Gruppo Carrefour


The property is located along the former Sempione State Road, now Via del Sempione, at the southern entrance to the village of Crevoladossola (Preglia hamlet).

The Via del Sempione divides the town of Crevoladossola into two parts. The two seamless urban fronts flank the road axis for the entire longitudinal extension of the municipality, alternating residences with commercial establishments and personal services. There are a limited number of properties for tourist accommodation purposes.

The very busy road axis is the main one in the area leading to and from Switzerland as well as for commuters from the neighboring municipalities.


Sold on 30 June 2017

The building complex is made up of a single block consisting of two rectangular structures placed along the longest side.

The larger rectangular structure houses the supermarket area as well as a small office and three rooms for storing meat, fruit and vegetables and cold cuts. The other structure is purely for storage space. The flat roof, easily accessible with a metal ladder on the back, houses the technological equipment serving the shopping center.

The property includes an external appurtenant area dedicated to parking and loading/unloading operations.

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