Polis Fund

Catania - viale Maserati 15/A


The property is located on a subdivision road about 2.5-3.0 km from the Catania ring road. It is about 2.0-2.5 km from Catania Fontanarossa airport and about 5.0-6.0 km from the port of Catania.
The site we refer, it includes other industrial and artisan buildings.
The site is easily accessible from both, the ring road and the SS 114.


The buildings in object are generally located in the artisan or industrial areas of the cities, strictly close to road connections that allow a convenient approach by vehicles. The buildings are of industrial type, built in prefabricated cav, completed with parts for office use and made of traditional brickwork. The refrigeration rooms are made up by sandwich type insulating panels (polystyrene aluminium or similar) that guarantee temperature kept to approximately - 30 °C. An attached refrigeration unit, composed of ammonia compressors, guarantees the upkeep of the thermo-hygrometric conditions necessary for the preservation of the products.

The offices and logistics units are however independent.

In each building there are also accessory rooms dedicated to the staff employed in the handling, loading docks air-conditioned at intermediate temperature (5 ° C), yards and canopies for parking vehicles

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